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Tackling Exam Stress 2024

Tackling Exam Stress 2024

March 01, 2024

Trinity International College recently hosted a four-day workshop, "Tackling Exam Stress," addressing the imminent exams for +2 & A Level. Dr. Giri Bahadur Sunar, a Ph.D. scholar at Tribhuvan University, led the workshop, emphasizing the distinction between healthy and chronic stress. While manageable stress can be beneficial, excess stress can lead to adverse physical and mental health outcomes.

Key Workshop Highlights:

Optimal Study Time: Early mornings for focused study, evenings for homework and notes.

Study Schedule: Organized routines with breaks and self-care activities enhance focus.

Study Techniques: Tailor studying methods to individual preferences, like flashcards or practice tests.

Physical Health: Adequate sleep, a balanced diet, exercise, and breaks promote well-being.

Positive Thinking: Combat stress with positive affirmations and self-boosting confidence.

Meditation Practices: Techniques like deep breathing aid relaxation and stress reduction.

Social Media: Limit social media to prevent exhaustion, enhance focus, and avoid brain drain.

Parental Support: Encourage understanding rather than transferring personal stress to students.

Mentor Role: Teachers play a vital role as mentors, addressing student challenges and facilitating support.

The workshop received positive feedback, indicating its success in equipping students with effective stress management techniques.

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