Trinity International College


The College has three well-run cafeterias, spread across its campus, for refreshment, eatables, and full meals. They are open from early morning to late evening all days of the week for day-scholars, boarders, faculty, and staff. These cafeterias are spacious for accommodating a large number of students and also have comfortable sitting arrangements. The whole ambience of the cafeterias is soothing and energizing.

The cafeterias have a variety of freshly prepared food items to choose from. The variety of dishes frequently is altered to cater to consumer choice, popular demand, useful suggestions, or healthy options.

The quality of food items is carefully checked periodically by technicians and through surprise inspections of the concerned College administrative staff. The prices of food items & beverages are kept as low as feasible keeping in view the likely financial burden to students, teachers, and staff. 

Proper hygiene is maintained by the cooking & cleaning teams.  These cafeterias serve good quality nutritious food & beverages. Our College cafeterias are good enough for students to avoid purchases from eateries or shops outside the college. They also enable students to have warm, freshly-cooked food items with a homely taste.

We welcome continuous improvement and invite suggestions freely. Complaints, if any, are immediately looked into by those in charge of these cafeterias.

Canteen Name Contact No
A Thakur P. Aryal  
B Shiva Ram Aryal  
C Sanotsh Sharma  
Live Online Counselling 9am to 5pm