Trinity International College


Our counseling is based on the belief that each student is a unique individual with specific needs. We recognize the importance of supporting the positive growth of each individual in areas relating to ongoing academics, personal development, social harmony, and effective career-planning. We have found that our counseling plays a key role in meeting these vital needs and fostering academic achievement and personality development.

Academic Counseling 
Such counseling focuses on advising students about choosing courses and subject combinations and gives sound in-course guidance. The counseling extends to study abroad institutional search, career counseling, and facilitation for scholarships or financial assistance through individual and classroom sessions at each level of study. This counseling also incorporates presentations on academic course selections and planning, registration information, college or career planning issues, and personal plans of study with an eye to graduation requirements.

Personal Counseling 

Such counseling is a key support service that guides students about self-awareness, decision-making, and problem-solving strategies which bear on student behavior and their eventual success. The counseling prepares students for transition issues and independent living.
This counseling also includes suitable guidance to meet the specific or changing needs and problems of our students. Individual counseling therein ranges from personal problem solving or mental health issues to crisis counseling. Counselors encourage a positive attitude to such guidance.

Counseling on Demand 

Both Academic and Personal Counseling are available to all students – individually or, if need be, even group-wise – on demand. Students themselves, or their parents or guardians, can request for the same as and when they really feel the need for such in depth counseling. We encourage parental involvement since we feel that an extension of parenthood into collegiate life is a purposeful action

Live Online Counselling 9am to 5pm